Bullfrog Spas - M7


  • Cinder/Solitude
  • Cinder/Stone
  • Whitewash/Solitude
  • Whitewash/Stone
  • Orchard/Solitude
  • Orchard/Oxidium
  • Timber/Solitude
  • Timber/Oxidium

Bullfrog Spas - M7

Enjoy two first-of-their-kind Adirondack-inspired premium therapy seats, the incredible double JetPak love seat, therapeutic elevated seats, or any of several other comfortable and versatile seating options in your new M7 hot tub. With intuitive controls, simple water care, the renowned JetPak Therapy System, amazing aesthetics, and more space than you’ll find in any other spa with a mid-size footprint, your M7 by Bullfrog Spas will absolutely delight.

Seating Capacity 9
Water Capacity 453 Gallons (1716 Liters)
Dimensions 7' 7" (2.31m) x 7' 7" (2.31m) x 37" (.94m)
JetPaks 6

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Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub Cover Lifter



Pergola / Gazebo


Water Care Subscription Program

Additional Specifications

Dry Weight 1000 lbs/454 kg
Filled Weight 6029 lbs/2735 kg
Therapy Pumps 2